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Commitment to Raising Daniels in a Nebuchadnezzar World
Deuteronomy 6:1-9

I know that most people know the story of Daniel and the lion’s den so I won’t repeat the story that most of us learned as children. However, what some people might not know is that this childhood Bible story happened at the end of Daniel’s life, and was his last act of standing firm in his faith in a wicked, wicked world. This act was a culmination of an exemplary life that began with him being born to parents who took God at His Word when He instructed the Israelites on keeping His commands. This passage referenced above from Deuteronomy and the story of Daniel are the heart and vision behind the founding of Christian Core Academy.

Most of you know that CCA started as a result of what God placed on my heart concerning education. Through my journey as an educator first and later a parent, my heart was burdened by the fact that our children could receive an excellent academic education through the public schools and charter schools, but with a humanistic worldview or they could receive an excellent Christian worldview with a somewhat less rich academic education that was exorbitant in cost. Thus, the seeds of the school were rooted and planted in the idea that we could offer a strong, academic curriculum with an even stronger Christian worldview. Also that we could offer a small, school setting where we could first reach the core of children’s hearts with the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ and then provide them with a core foundation of knowledge from which they could intelligently defend their faith and stand firm in their faith like Daniel in our increasingly wicked, wicked world.

Henry Blackaby writes that God brings us to a point he calls a crisis of belief. This is a point where God is saying to the believer, “Are you going to join me where I am working and have the privilege to be used by Me for my kingdom and my glory?” Whenever parents make a decision about their child’s schooling, I believe they are at a crisis of belief. I term this as a crisis because parents have to look to God and decide if they are going to swim with the current culture and just turn their child over to the state to be educated or are they going to be counter culture and place their child in a setting that is different from the mainstream and usually involves a financial sacrifice for the family. Commitment to Christian education is not easy, but God does not call us to the broad way, but to the narrow path in all aspects of our life, including our child’s education.

What does that commitment to a Christian education look like here at CCA? First and foremost, commitment begins in prayer. Prayer in asking God’s wisdom for exactly where your child should be for his/her educational life. Once that decision is made, then prayer needs to continue for the student and the school. Here at CCA prayer is the lifeblood of the school. It keeps us on the track God intends for us to take. Prayer lifts up the staff when they feel like quitting and provides unity among them and among our student body. Prayers also help give the teachers wisdom to know how to deal with each student and to help ease tensions and conflict when we as believers disagree. When we pray, God provides the school’s needs. Most of all, prayer shows us the heart of God for each and every student we have been entrusted with. Prayer is essential for our school.

Secondly, commitment is agreeing to be here for the long haul and having a desire to help the school succeed which in turn will help your child to succeed. There is no room for consumer mentality to exist with a commitment mentality here at CCA. What is meant by consumer mentality versus commitment mentality?

Consumer mentality says, “I will put my child here and see how things work out.”

Commitment mentality says “I will pray and see if this is where the Lord would have my child and I will do everything in my power to help this school succeed so in turn my child can succeed.”

Consumer mentality focuses on the imperfections of the school.

Commitment mentality asks “How can I be a part of the solution and not part of the problem?”

Consumer mentality follows after the next new thing or after what friends and neighbors are doing.

Commitment mentality says “We are here for the long haul until the Lord directs otherwise.”

A commitment mentality is essential to our school.

Finally, commitment is a financial decision on the part of your family. Here at CCA, we make a financial commitment to keep our tuition as low as possible. All tuition goes to teacher pay and curriculum. We have fine teachers that work here for a fraction of what they could get paid at a traditional school. In turn, we ask that you would make a financial commitment not just to CCA, but to a Christian education that is intended to help mold and shape your child into what God intends for them to be. Committing to an education like this takes hard financial decisions and sacrifices. In Deuteronomy 6:1-9 God says, “These commandments that I give you today are to be upon your hearts. Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Write them on the doorframes of your houses and on your gates. “ These words are an encouragement for families when deciding whether or not to commit to a Christian education here at CCA, because we help families to raise their children with a strong Christian worldview that is outlined in this Scripture passage. We do this alongside an equally strong academic base. To take advantage of what we are offering at our school takes a financial commitment on the part of parents. Parents must be willing to step out on faith in these three areas of commitment to ensure that they are a part of a school that not only serves their children, but brings honor and glory to the Lord as well. This is the kind of commitment we are looking for at Christian Core Academy, a commitment to raise Daniels in a Nebuchadnezzar world.

"Our children have been in public, private and home school. CCA has taken the best of each and placed Christ at the center. While providing a hands on rigorous learning environment, CCA has established a healthy balance where our children love to learn."
- CCA Parent

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